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Knox Box

The Odessa Fire Company encourages the purchase and installation of a Knox Box system for business owners and residents. Fire Departments across the country use this system to prevent costly damage due to forced entry during emergency situations. This system provides a rapid method of access for firefighters while keeping your business or house secure.

If a Knox Box system is in place, this is how it works: a surface-mounted or recessed locking key box is placed on an exterior wall of the building or house. The lock is keyed to a special cut specific to our fire district. Inside the box is a key that will open a door to your building or house. Our fire apparatus key can only open Knox Boxes on buildings within the fire district we service.

If a fire alarm is sounding at 2:00 am in an unoccupied business or residence and entry into the building is needed to investigate the source of the alarm. The responding fire apparatus key is used to open the Knox Box mounted on the exterior wall of the building. Once the Knox Box is opened the building key can be utilized to open the building and investigate the alarm. When the firefighters are finished, the building key is returned to the Knox Box mounted on the exterior wall of the building and the box is locked. The key that opened the Knox Box is returned to the fire apparatus. If the Knox Box system was not available at this business, windows would have been broken, doors might have been forced open, or firefighters would have had to wait until someone showed up to open the door. This system allows firefighters rapid access in emergency situations that prevents expensive damaged to windows and doors.

If you have questions or would like to purchase a Knox Box for your business or home please contact us at 302-378-8929, or by using the contact form below.

Additional information on the Knox-Box system please go to their website at http://www.knoxbox.com

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